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Meet the Pastry Chef - Jessica Guerrero!​

Hi!  I'm Jessica!  I am a trained Pastry Chef and stay-at-home mom.  I have always been involved in baking - from helping my grandmother when I was little to baking for friends and family.  I realized baking was my true passion in 2010 when I made treats for a family members' baby shower.  In 2013 I graduated from the CCSF Baking & Pastry program and have been providing more intricate desserts since! 


I specialize in hand decorated sugar cookies!  Each batch is rolled out, cut, baked and decorated by hand.  Cookies are hand decoded in royal icing, which dries hard to provide that "crunch" while you eat it.  Each cookie is slightly different than the other and no two cookies are ever exactly the same.  Most clients tell me they are too beautiful to eat!  

I also provide other treats like cakes, cookies, sweet breads, cheesecakes, individual or buffet style desserts and more!

When I am not baking I am finding other creative outlets.  Recently I also started designing Disney themed t-shirts.  Check out our Etsy page for more information!

All of my items are made in a home kitchen, not subject to state and local inspections.  Most of my products do not contain nuts (unless specified) but all items are made in a kitchen that contains nuts and allergens.

I enjoy seeing my client's faces when I open the box and they see their products!  I am truly blessed to have this wonderful opportunity and supportive family!

About Fresh by Jess

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