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Cake Rentals?! How do you rent a cake?


As a child, you dream about your future...who will you marry, what you want your wedding to be like, how many kids you will have, etc. The thing you don't think about at the time is the money! As a DIY bride, I know first hand how expensive throwing a wedding actually is. My partner and I paid for everything ourselves. Although I wouldn't change anything about my wedding, I have come to realize that my budget played a large part in the cake that I chose - I only looked at the ones I could afford...which was only a two-tier cake. With this in mind, and my passion for cake decorating, I have created a new addition to my business....RENTED WEDDING CAKES! I know what you are thinking, how do you rent a wedding cake? Well, I feel that brides should not settle on their dreams just because their budget can't afford it. Our wedding cakes are designed on styrofoam dummies making them fake. They are then decorated with edible, handmade items that would make your cake appear real....your guests will never know!

What makes us different?

We pride ourselves on being able to offer high-end cakes that would normally start at $800 and up for just a fraction of the cost! Our cakes are decorated with handmade sugar flowers...not those silk flowers you buy at the craft store! Our basic designs are decorated with a ribbon border that can be swapped out to better match your wedding colors. Each of our rented cakes come with a small 6" smash cake that is small enough to "hide" behind the rented cake. Couples can cut into the smash cake and it will appear like they are cutting their rented cake for photo ops. From there, couples can either decide to keep their cake out for display to their guests or have it taken to the back to be "cut." Your guests can then be served sheet cakes and no one will know the difference! We also provide full service bakery items, from sheet cakes to cookie favors to cupcakes to even candy or dessert bars (additional costs apply)! Please contact us for a full list of baked items that we provide.

We are still working on all of our rentals and are offering GREAT deals until we have more designs available.  Contact us now for a special promotion or if you have any questions!!
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